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27 May
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Name: Wolf
Canon: The 10th Kingdom (television miniseries)
Entering the Hotel California: Shortly after being released from his cell by the evil Queen, before arriving in New York.
Appearance: Wolf is of average height with a slim, athletic build. He has dark, well-maintained hair that he wears swept back, and his face is perpetually stubbly. He also has a wolf's tail, which is mostly gray in color with a white tip, but which he keeps hidden almost all of the time.

History: A half-wolf born and raised in the Second Kingdom, the land of Little Red Riding Hood and her descendants, Wolf has spent his life stuck somewhere between the world of wolves and the world of humans. During his time at school he was rebellious and not very academically inclined, but excelled at athletic events because of his wolfish speed. His parents were burned at the stake by farmers, as is the fate of many wolves in a world that perceives them as vicious animals as likely to eat a shepherdess as her sheep. Some time ago, Wolf was imprisoned in the Snow White Memorial Prison for what he describes as "just a little sheep worrying," where he remained until the escape of the evil Queen from the maximum security wing of the same prison. The Queen, who had turned Prince Wendell into a dog as the first step in her plan to take control of the Fourth Kingdom and destroy the descendants of Snow White, released Wolf from his cell on the condition that he swear obedience to her and even give her his will. His mission is to chase down Prince Wendell, who escaped from the Queen in dog form and fled to the inner recesses of the prison. Little does Wolf know, though, that the magic mirror that took Wendell to the mythical Tenth Kingdom will not bring Wolf to the same place once he steps through it in pursuit of the doggish prince.

One dragon dung bean (carried into the hotel in his pocket, now defunct because of the hotel's powers)
His clothes from before he was put in prison
His hair(and fur)brush
Two track and field trophies from his school days
Several cookbooks

I do not own Wolf or The 10th Kingdom. This account is for use in the game plentyofroom.

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