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Huff puff, what is this thing? How is it supposed to work? What happens if I press this button --


Wolf's Hotel California application
Your name/Pseudonym: Kathryn
Your personal LJ: spoofmaster
Your email: lordofthefries@wwdb.org
Your chat handles: AIM: thspoofmaster

Character's name: Wolf
Character's canon: The 10th Kingdom
What type of canon is your character from? (eg, book, movie, tv show, etc): TV miniseries
Character's LJ: huffs_and_puffs
Brief history of your character (100-200 words):
A half-wolf born and raised in the Second Kingdom, the land of Little Red Riding Hood and her descendants, Wolf has spent his life stuck somewhere between the world of wolves and the world of humans. During his time at school he was rebellious and not very academically inclined, but excelled at athletic events because of his wolfish speed. His parents were burned at the stake by farmers, as is the fate of many wolves in a world that perceives them as vicious animals as likely to eat a shepherdess as her sheep. Some time ago, Wolf was imprisoned in the Snow White Memorial Prison for what he describes as "just a little sheep worrying," where he remained until the escape of the evil Queen from the maximum security wing of the same prison. The Queen, who had turned Prince Wendell into a dog as the first step in her plan to take control of the Fourth Kingdom and destroy the descendants of Snow White, released Wolf from his cell on the condition that he swear obedience to her and even give her his will. His mission is to chase down Prince Wendell, who escaped from the Queen in dog form and fled to the inner recesses of the prison. Little does Wolf know, though, that the magic mirror that took Wendell to the mythical Tenth Kingdom will not bring Wolf to the same place once he steps through it in pursuit of the doggish prince.

Brief synopsis of your character's personality (100-300 words):
Wolf keeps his tail hidden and does his best to keep his behavior toned-down in order to keep the truth of his species hidden from the people he meets, who tend to be very prejudiced against wolves. Despite his efforts to remain inconspicuous, however, Wolf is severely lacking in both self-control and self-consciousness, not only in his actions but even in his body language and tendency to growl, yip, and howl. This is particularly true around the time of the full moon, when he goes through a phase that is like PMS in that it makes him extremely irritable and impulsive, but unlike PMS in that it makes him want to howl at the moon and eat small furry (or feathery) animals. Wolf is almost always preoccupied with thoughts of food, which colors the way he speaks and dictates some of his more manic behavior. Because he is half-wolf, Wolf often finds himself having to battle urges to fall into certain stereotypes, such as eating grandmothers, which he knows are bad but which he finds difficult to resist all the same. Wolf also has difficulty discerning the difference between different mental and emotional drives, which leaves him unable to differentiate between things like sexual attraction to someone and the desire to eat that person.

What is the point of your character's canon in which you are introducing your character?:
Almost immediately after he is released from his cell and commissioned by the evil Queen to chase down Prince Wendell. When Wolf follows Wendell through the traveling mirror, instead of following where Wendell has gone he is sent to the Hotel California.

Is your character alive or dead at the point of entry to the game?: Alive

What skills does your character have?:
Though Wolf's abilities have been muted by the hotel on his arrival, he is still quite athletic, and he still possesses above-average senses of smell and hearing.

When your character is shown to his/her room, he/she will find ten personal items belonging to them, which the Hotel has supplied. These things can ONLY be things they would typically have in canon. This will be known as his/her initial personal inventory. Please list what these things would be:
One dragon dung bean (carried into the hotel in his pocket, now defunct because of the hotel's powers)
His clothes from before he was put in prison
His hair(and fur)brush
Two track and field trophies from his school days
Several cookbooks

Please create a voicemail post for your character and provide a link to it in this application. This will be used for any character who wishes to get in contact with your character.
Wolf's voicemail

Write your character's entrance post (minimum 200 words. You will use this to post your character's entrance into the game.):
Wolf bounded down the halls of the Snow White Memorial Prison, fast on the heels of Prince Wendell, who was now, due to the actions of the Queen, in dog form. He could single out the prince's scent easily - the prison, after all, was not exactly full of dogs - and didn't think the task of bringing him back to the Queen was going to be exactly difficult. He was already having second thoughts about swearing allegiance to the Queen, but it had gotten him out of his cell, and anyway, he didn't plan to stick around after he'd brought the prince to her. She was his ticket out of the prison, but once they were past those heavy front doors he was going to be gone. He could hardly wait to be back out in the world - lambs, rabbits, chickens! Just the thought was enough to make his mouth water. Ooohhh, no more beanstalk soup, beanstalk juice, beanstalk anything, ever again.

He heard a clatter from one of the rooms ahead of him and grinned - that would be the prince. He darted into the room and crouched on a pile of junk, looking down into the room. There was the prince! Wolf growled and flexed his hands, ready to grab the dog and get his job done. The dog, however, glanced at something nearby, drawing Wolf's attention to it. It was like some kind of shimmering window - a magic mirror, perhaps, looking into some strange place he didn't recognize.

"Huff puff!" he said, more to himself than to the dog, "what's going on here?"

In his moment of hesitation, however, the dog leapt through the mirror and disappeared. Wolf grinned. He may not have cared about the Queen's agenda one way or the other, but chasing the dog was the most fun he'd had since before he'd ended up in prison, and it looked like he was going to get to do it for a while longer. He hopped down from the junkpile, hesitating only a second in front of the mirror before jumping through it himself.

It was like nothing he'd ever experienced before, fast and wild and exhilarating - but to his surprise, as he flew through the portal between the worlds, the image in front of him of the strange towers and glowing lights twisted and faded, leaving him in blackness. Before he could even worry about it, though, he was suddenly landing on solid ground. He caught his balance quickly, but before he could even say "wow," he was unexpectedly smacked in the face with what felt like a wall of water. Gasping in surprise and inadvertently inhaling some of the water, Wolf floundered forward through what he realized was heavy rain. Lightning flashed nearby, so close that its thunder cracked at almost the same time, standing Wolf's hair on end. He couldn't smell anything for all the water pouring down around him and on top of him, but he could see a building ahead of him - no doubt the prince had gone in there. Wolf jogged forward up the broken drive and past the old gravestones and pushed the doors open. He shook himself as soon as he was in out of the rain, though it didn't do much to dry his clothes, which were soaked through. He gazed around at the fancy room in which he found himself, all marble floors and chandeliers and a man staring at him from behind a desk across the room. He marched up to the desk and put his hands on it, leaning forward to talk to the man.

"Have you seen my little doggie?" he asked in a voice that was meant to sound innocent and forlorn, and which he was unaware came out sounding somewhat deranged. "I think he might have run in here." He could no longer smell the dog and he thought, uneasily, that he might have lost the trail.

"Welcome to the Hotel California, Wolf," replied the man, setting a key on the desk. "We've been expecting you. Please sign in."

Wolf recoiled, instinctively taking a few steps back. First the mirror had taken him someplace it hadn't shown, and now this stranger knew who he was without even asking - and, Wolf realized when he sniffed the air for a hint about the man behind the desk, he could hardly smell anything at all. There was some kind of magic at work here, and he didn't like it one bit.


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